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The Challenge

Babysitting was created to address the parents’ needs of finding and booking a reliable, good and nearby babysitter, schedule a service, provide direct communicate with him/her and setup direct payment – from a single social app. Babysitting provides filters based on its members reviews and recommendation, proximity, ages, availability and price. Babysitting is a social network of babysitters and parents.


Babysitting app comes to meet the daily need, sometimes an 'on the spot' need, of parents seeking a reliable and accessible babysitter who lives close by [the app is location based].
With the parents’ profiles on one side and the sitters’ on the other, Babysitting matches the parents to selected babysitter, based on social ranking, history, location, and other sociodemographic filters. Upon booking, Babysitting enables tracking of the work time from exact start time to end time, monitors the Babysitter tasks [including direct video chat], and provides direct and easy payment. This is a super convenient and safe app for busy parents with. Babysitting App. is revolutionizing the payment process with a credit card digital payment option. The app is free to use by all users.

when it comes to finding a babysitter, parents seek the recommendation of a friend. We leverage a parent’s social networking in conjunction with our 'proprietary matching technology' to provide babysitter recommendations from their trusted circle of Facebook friends, family, and parents from school. Convenience is also a key for time-stricken parents, with a real-time booking engine and integrated online payment, so parents can book and pay the babysitter at the click of the button.

Both parents and babysitters benefit from the social sharing.
The Parents no longer have to be dependent on the availability of a specific babysitter.
The Babysitter increases the job opportunities and gets higher exposure to job offers.

For the Parents:
1. Find a babysitter living close by.
2. Filtering by various dimensions [proximity, ages, availability, prices etc.]
3. Uses social networks to receive recommendation of babysitters from the close circle of friends.
4. The payment is made directly through the app, saving the need for cash.
5. Paying for the exact time of the service without having to 'round up' the payment to a full hour.

For the babysitter:
1. Higher exposure to job offers.
2. Finding the most suitable job offers in your neighborhood.
3. Getting paid instantly and securely.
Nir Zilber, CEO at Babysitting
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